Maison Jean Vilar: the Boutique

Replicas and reproductions

Discover the essentially fifties aesthetic of the Maison Jean Vilar, the red and blue emblems of the place and Jacno’s unique typography designs in replica.

The not-to-be-missed Tote Bags, every festival-goer’s indispensable accessory. 

Mugs with titles from the repertory, the TNP, signed Jean Vilar, with electrifying titles: Mother Courage, The Triumph of Love… 

Postcards of the costumes kept at Maison Jean Vilar: those worn by Gérard Philipe,  Philippe Noiret, Maria Casares, Jeanne Moreau… 

The Collectors’ Corner

You can stroll through the boutique as you would through the aisles of a flea market or a bookseller’s.

Find original copies of the TNP’s famous Collection du répertoire among the fifty titles published by L’Arche from 1953 onwards: a first edition of the world première of Chekov’s Platonov, or an original edition of Armand Gatti’s Le Crapaud-buffle…

Open a copy of Bref, the TNP’s monthly publication in A3 format: special dossiers, spectators’ remarks, games… A journey into the theatre of the 50s.

Leave with an original poster designed by the graphic artist Jacno!

Association Jean Vilar publications (Les Cahiers Jean Vilar, catalogues of exhibitions since the founding of Maison Jean Vilar, monographs …) are also available for sale.

-For Sale on the premises-