La Bibliothèque nationale de France – Maison Jean Vilar

Joined to the Performing Arts Department, the Avignon branch of the BnF aims to collect, preserve and promote the memory of the Festival d’Avignon, the Festival OFF, the Hivernales (festival of contemporary dance) and of other performance areas in Avignon.

It also provides access to a major library dedicated to performing arts. This library is available to all and for free; it is fitted out with computers allowing to consult digitized documents.

Working in partnership with numerous artistic, cultural, teaching and research structures, the BnF in Avignon also organizes thematic presentations of documents and hosts various meetings. It makes its collections available in the framework of educational workshops.

Collections patrimoniales

• Archive of the Festival d’Avignon (1966-2013) and of the Hivernales (1974-2014)

• Topical documents of the Festival d’Avignon since 1947, the Festival OFF since 1966, the Hivernalessince 1976, the Chartreuse (Villeneuve-lez-Avignon) since 1974, the Garance (Cavaillon theatre) since 1975, of Avignon theatres in general.

• 15 000 posters, including over 10,000 posters for the OFF

• 70 000 photographs, including 40,000 digital photographs

•  1800 videos (including 500 digitized videos) of captures of performances, lectures, TV shows.

•  1400 sound recordings (including 500 digitized recordings)

•  1200 typescripts of contemporary authors

The press reviews, posters, topical documents, photographs and typescripts are listed in the Catalogue général de la BnF

The archives collections, particularly the Jean Vilar and Jean Rouvet collections deposited at the BnF, are listed in BnF, archives et manuscrits

To access the notice on the Jean Vilar Fund and the Jean Rouvet Fund

Gallica allows to consult the photographs of the Festival d’Avignon made by Daniel Cande, Christian Martinez, Fernand Michaud.

Gallica intra muros provides access to the posters made for the OFF (2009-2012, 2014-2015) and the Théâtre des Carmes (1964-2017).

Library dedicated to performing arts

• 17 000 books about the Festival d’Avignon, its history and artists, about contemporary theater and dance and more generally speaking about all forms of performing arts

•  17 000 dramatic texts by authors whose plays were performed at the Festival d’Avignon and by other classical or contemporary, French or foreign authors

•  600 DVD videos

•  30living magazines within a total amount of nearly 500 specialized magazines

These documents are listed in the Catalogue général de la BnF