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Reading of texts by François Esperet – Visions de Jacob

“The hidden white foundation all over her face, and unmasked breasts and milky arse.”
Black, black is the reality of those night workers who, in a novel/poem, leave the reader in a limbo as beautiful as it is dark.

François Esperet
Contemporary writer François Esperet has already lived several lives. Multiplicity doesn’t scare him—he studied at the EcoleNormale, and was a police officer, a political adviser, and an orthodox deacon—but seems to anchor him in a reality and a spirituality linked by writing, and in particular by poetry. Focusing on the intensity and absolute quality of his poems, he dives headlong into stories whose real characters, like prostitutes and thieves, rub shoulders with biblical characters like Jacob.


With Nâzim Boudjenah de la Comédie-Française



Maison Jean VIlar