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“It’s not luxury !” Festival









Sound installation « Portrait Paysage » // « landsacape portrait » // « portrait landscape »
at 1 pm to 6pm, Friday, the 21th of september
at 11 am to 6 pm, Saturday the 22 of september
at 11 am to 4 pm, Sunday the 23th of septembre

Sound portraits and landscapes is a shared moment where the word is fixed.
A photography of free and voluntary words, gleanded during the meetings.

Stéphane Delaunay (Compagnie les Mauvaises Herbes)
Association le Village

City of the realisation of the project : Cavaillon







Video installation « 9 joueurs +1 » // « 9 players + 1 »
at 1 pm to 6pm, Friday, the 21th of september
at 11 am to 6 pm, Saturday the 22 of september
at 11 am to 4 pm, Sunday the 23th of septembre

On the screen, nine players draw  with chalk the games that  accompanied them from chilhood to adulthood . Sometime the word follows the gesture. Sometimes it’s absent. What place does the game have now in our life ? What traces does he leaves us when he disappears  ?

direction artistique : Emmanuel V

igier, image, graphisme et scénographie : Christine Gabory, prise de son  : Lionel Kasparian, montage  : Agathe Dreyfus, montage son / mixage : Ivora Cusack

production et distribution : 360° et même 

plus, avec l’aide de Association Contribution ; part of the OCEANTREE GROUP, Terrain de je(u) est une production d’Art-Temps Réel en coproduction avec le 3bisf – Lieu d’arts contemporains (Aix en Provence)
Un projet mené grâce au soutien du fonds de dotation InPACT – Initiative pour le partage culturel et avec les soutiens de la Fondation de France, Au bout du plongeoir – Plateforme artistique de créations et de rencontres – (Rennes), ECARTS / Anis Gras le lieu de l’autre (Arcueil), le Conseil Départemental 13, la Région PACA , la DRAC PACA.

City of the realisation : Aix en Provence








« What is the use of art for » ?
At 11 : 30 am, Sunday the 23th of september

And if we make the conference ourself ? And if our ideas are good as the ones of a lecturer ? Cause, putting the world to rights, we will have to start from what we understand, not only from a display of a one knowledge ! Let ‘s find the taste of exchanging around a drink, a sharing of our knowledge, let us dispute if necessary, to distinguish together the subject that brings us together. An atmosphere where you can say that your dreams or your desires, hear those of others, where the conviviality invite to push the reflection a little further.

Animé par Bruno Bourgarel (arc en ciel théâtre).








The cultural rights by the practice
at 2 pm, Sunday the 23th of september

Interviews, reports, chronic… During three months, Ravi’s journalists, a monthly of survey and satire in Paca, had accompanied users of « La Croix des Oiseaux » social center in Avignon and the employees in insertion of Marseille to produce a participatory journalistic work on cultural practices, identities and projects to illustrate and question the importance of  access to culture and the recognition of each other’s cultural rights. Means that they are really qualifies to talk about ! To enrich this discussion, they will be accompanied by players from Avignon and  elsewhere , who in their own work, put these notions into practice. 








Workshop discovering the art of the tale
at 3:30 pm, Friday the 21th of september

The TRAC storytellers in Beaumes de Venise consist of a group of eight people. They speak in the most diverse places: libraries, courtyards, village squares, storytelling walks, homestays, for eight years. They will tell you a story and then accompany you on a tale of 5 to 6 minutes, with research of the meaning, help on the form and the presentation at the end of the workshop in front of the other participants.

Animé par les conteurs du TRAC.

It’s not luxury ! Festival

For more than 20 years, the Abbé Pierre Foundation has welcomed, supported and accompanied people in great precariousness. For most of the associations that make up the Foundation's network, it quickly became apparent that, through artistic practice, people in a situation of exclusion found greater self-confidence, the desire to start over and to project them into the future. In order to shine a light on the production of the various artistic workshops at work in the family Pensions and Solidarity Boutiques of the Fondation Abbé Pierre network, this one and its partners - La Garance, Cavaillon National Scene and the association « The Village » created the festival « It's not luxury ! »


Du 21 September 2018 à 13h00 au 23 September 2018 à 16h00


Maison Jean VIlar