Jeanne Moreau and Cabu,
two fierce theater lovers at the Jean Vilar House

On the first floor, Hand drawn sketches by comic strip artist and caricaturist

Cabu reveal a whole new kind of work that we knew him for. Those sketches made at the Comédie-Française & at the Avignon Festival, go from subtlety to sagacity, to immortalize as much as possible those fleeting moments that he used to live at the theater where he used to go so often.

On the second floor, we can discover the life of theater of Jeanne Moreau through a highlight collection of her career. Her will to be in the spotlight rapidly put her on stage. A real bibliophile, she studied at the Conservatory, member of the Comédie-Française, she participated in the first Avignon Festival in 7947, to finally join the TNP adventure aside Gerard Philipe in 1957. Until the end, in contrast with her cinematography career, she would often come back to the stage to defend Jean Genet, Heiner Müller or Peter Handke

Commented tours of these two exhibits have been organized as well as some workshops called « Ateliers du visiteur». These workshops, targeted at a young audience, are the occasion to discover the knowledge and ideas of the young minds before the real tour to confront them with the ones they will have afterwards. A time of exchange, observation and comments where the free speech is left to the audience.