The Maison Jean Vilar has a new look !

On the cusp of its forty years, the house Jean Vilar is making herself a new skin : in a renovated, expanded, modern and light-filled hall, drawing its colors from the palette of Marcel Jacno (graphic designer at Jean Vilar), is an exhibition of Cabu’s sketches (peerless cartoonist).

The renovation work : a hall completely transformed !

With the help of the city of Avignon which carry out significant electricity work in the building, the Jean Vilar association expressed its wish to renovate the Crochans Hotel hall with concrete goals : provide light, volumes, put forward the architectural qualities of this exceptional patrimonial site, have a flowing welcome desk, rethink the library-bookshop and open the hall in order to have a free access at the showroom.

Developed by the set designer Raymond Sarti, this new installation largely inspired by the Théâtre National Populaire for its signage and colors, is also a new showcase to present one of the jewels of Jean Vilar, the art mobiles of Alexandre Calder (element of the scenography of Nucléa play, staging by Jean Vilar and Gerard Philippe in 1952).

This new hall is fitted with information support thanks to projectors and has also modular furnitures. Designed to adapt to each seasons : winter as well as summer and the rest of the year, the house Jean Vilar is open to all audiences !

New Opening hours
From Tuesday to Saturday : 11h-18h
From 2 May to 31 June